H&H Graphic Print Communications has completed the extensive G7 certification so that they can provide an optimal user experience to their customers.

IDEAlliance® is a non-profit industry association guiding and publishing print media methodologies, specifications, and standards. Its primary role is facilitating a level playing field across ALL stakeholders to develop work that advances best practices. To maintain its effectiveness IDEAlliance must be agnostic and independent with all partners in the supply chain. It cannot endorse or provide an unfair advantage through the inappropriate use of its intellectual property – its methodologies, specifications, and standards. To protect its role IDEAlliance e will take action to protect its trademarks that they used appropriately and in the best interest of the industry and NOT commercial advantage.

  • G7® is both a definition of   grayscale appearance, and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition.
  • G7 yields a visual match between different imaging systems using simple 1-dimensional curves, and enables shared appearance between   different printing devices or specifications when additional color management is not available.
  • G7 is the basis for   GRACoL on #1 paper (TR006), SWOP on #3 paper (TR003), SWOP on #5 paper (TR005) and FIRST’s Flexo on white polyester substrate (TR007).
  • G7 utilizes one of the implementation methods of the new ISO 10128 standard for near-neutral calibration.
  • G7 is device independent. The G7 neutral print density curve (NPDC), gray balance definitions and calibration methodology are the same for   any imaging technology, regardless of substrate, colorants, screening technologies, etc.
  • The NPDC at the heart of the G7   grayscale definition was derived by analyzing the neutral tonality of typical ISO Standard commercial offset printing using computer-to-plate technology.
  • G7 should not be confused with GRACoL7, which is the 7th edition of the   GRACoL Specification